Ballerina Suitcase with Tutu and Plushie Tutu - 12M

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My First Ballerina Set is for a newborn baby girl - it's a perfect set for a photoshoot! Start her with her first tutu with a matching plushie tutu for her favourite toy! We're thrilled to be able to work with Sonata Dancewear - the go-to place for your child's dancewear needs! Both tutus are specially custom made by Sonata Dancewear!  

At elly, we love giving you fresh new gifting ideas so you can have a myriad of gifts to choose from! 

This gift set contains:

  • an elly x Sonata Dancewear Ballerina Tutu in 12M;
  • a matching Plushie Tutu; and
  • a customised My First Ballerina Set play suitcase. 

*Jellycat toy not included in set.
**Plushie Tutu fits on a medium-sized Jellycat toy.

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