3D Play Rug - Beach Houses (Medium)

IVI's innovative 3D Play Rug is a big, soft mat that brings imaginative play to life! Use it as a pretend play scene for your existing toys. The best part? You can sprawl all over it freely! This Beach Houses mat features a busy beach and 2 waterfront homes complete with patios and furniture. There are raised areas defining streets, furniture and more. Take your favourite dolls, action figures and any other toys on a staycation! It's perfect for playing with friends or alone! Hours of creative fun guaranteed!

To store, simply roll it up. It is anti-bacterial and easy-clean too!

IVI's 3D Play Rugs are designed specifically for children's social, psychological and physical development. It is literally a play ground!

Suitable for all ages.

Key Features:

  • Soft, 3-D play rug with raised areas, featuring a beachfront;
  • Clean using hoover/vacuum or sweep;
  • Hypoallerginc, anti-static, non-flammable and stain resistant;
  • Rug measures 39" x 59", 1-1.15" in height;
  • Architect-Designed;
  • Made with non-toxic dyes and fabric on 100% Polypropylene (high-quality, wool-like);
  • Certified by European Child Standards of Protection for mechanical and physical endurance and absence of toxic materials.

Product Dimensions:39" x 59" x 1-1.15" (Rug) (4.8kg)