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Our Shoe Brands

Our shoes cater to children from ages 6 months up to 12. They are suitable for many different occasions – from babies learning to walk, toddlers who are more confident walkers, shoes for everyday use, weekend wandering, formal occasions and water/beach-play. Read our series of blog posts on the appropriate shoes for different stages of walking.

Our range of international shoe brands are carefully curated and specially handpicked for their design, comfort and functionality to suit these many occasions.

Some information on the shoe brands we offer: 

1. Tip Toey Joey

Designed and crafted in Brazil, Tip Toey Joey shoes are available in over 15 countries. Made for children aged between 0 and 12 years, Tip Toey Joey fuses dressy and classy designs with their soft calf (bovine) leather on the insoles and outers. 

Recommended for: Pre- and first-walkers, All occasions

Sizes available: EU19 to EU36


2. Native Shoes

Established in Canada, Native shoes' motto is to "Keep It Lite", with its lightweight EVA footwear. Native kids shoes are loved for their versatility – kids can easily switch from water play to the playground. Waterproof, odour-resistant, easy to clean and designed with perforated holes, Native shoes give breathability to your child's feet in the summer! 

Recommended for: Beach/Water-Play and Everyday-wear

Sizes available: C6 to C10 


3. Converse

Originated in the USA, Converse canvas shoes are recognisable for their distinct street wear style. Cool and intricate, but always practical and durable (check out their "No time to lace" range), Converse fuses bold and bright colours in their laced and velcroed kicks. 

Recommended for: Casual sneakers

Sizes available: US5 to US Youth 3


4. Salt Water Sandals

Salt Water Sandals have been a summer staple in the USA for 70 years. These comfortable sandals can be worn from sand to sea but are stylish enough to be worn both in and out of the water! 

Recommended for: Beach, water-play

Sizes available: US4 to US Youth 3


5. Livie and Luca

Designed the USA, Livie and Luca stands out for their cute, whimsical styles and colours. Their leather shoes (pig-skin lining) combine comfort and durability and at the same time, are cleverly designed with fun themes such as watermelons, cats, bunnies and elephants! 

Recommended for: Casual sandals and shoes, pre- and first-walkers 

Sizes available: S to L (pre-walkers), US4 to US Youth 3


6. Old Soles

Designed in Australia, Old Soles have timeless designs that go from casual to formal occasions effortlessly. Made from pig-skin leather with padded leather insoles, Old Soles are a classic and practical addition to any shoe collection.



Recommended for: All occasions

Sizes available: EU22 to EU36


7. Pom d’Api

Originated in France, Pom d'Api is known around the world for their intricately designed shoes with shimmery finishes for girls. These elegant shoes are sassy and sophisticated for special occasions. 

Recommended for: All occasions

Sizes available: EU21 to EU30


8. Pediped


pediped® OriginalsGrip ‘n’ Go, and Flex have been officially recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) as being beneficial for children’s growing feet.  

Recommended for: Durable travelling shoes, weekend casual sandals and shoes, pre- and first-walkers 

Sizes available: EU19 to EU33


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