Biogateo Cipria Pink Shoes The Elly Store
Biogateo Cipria Pink Shoes The Elly Store
Biogateo Cipria Pink Shoes The Elly Store

Biogateo Cipria Pink Shoes

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Size chart

Biomecanics Size Chart

How to use size chart: If your child's foot is 12.8 cm, we recommend you choose size 21. If your child's foot is 14 cm, we recommend you choose size 23 and so on.

EU UK USA Foot Length (cm)*
20 3.5 5 12.2
21 4.5 5.5 12.8
22 5 6 - 6.5 13.5
23 6 7 - 7.5 14.2
24 7 8 - 8.5 14.8
25 8 9 15.5
26 8.5 9.5 16.2
27 9 10 - 10.5 16.8
28 10 11 - 11.5 17.5
29 11 12 - 12.5 18.2
30 12 13 18.8

Why we love it
A pretty pink shoes with metallic pink finish from Biomecanics.

Biomecanics resulted from a joint research project between Spanish shoe-maker Garvalin and the Biomecnica Institute of Valencia. Biomecanic shoes are strong, durable but also light, flexible and breathable.

Key features

  • Velcro foot and ankle straps
  • Optimized stabiliser for greater freedom of movement
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Maximum breathability

- Made from natural materials
- 100% free of chrome and nickel
- Pig skin lining

Care instructions
Remove dirt with a damp cloth and mild soap. Rub footwear with a dry cloth. Never put it near a heat source. Once dry, you can use a neutral colourless cream for footwear to hydrate the skin (not necessary for textiles and synthetics).

Do not machine wash. Keep in mind that these type of shoes that are put in the washing machine absorb a lot of water and often do not dry completely before use. If they are damp, and along with the body heat, mold can appear. This will cause a bad smell and also increases the possibility of foot fungus.

How to clean the insoles of these shoes
- Follow instructions above
- In order to extend the life of the insoles as much as possible, we recommend aerating them after each use
- All the antibacterial insoles offer high breathability and absorption. Most of our designs have removable insoles which you can remove to dry

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