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Ten Unique Toys for Kids

Posted on October 28 2018

With the iPad taking over playtime, it's a paradox that we now look for games we used to play during our childhood such as board games, card games and other make-believe games to engage our children! 

At Elly, we believe that playing is the perfect time to incorporate learning. To children, playing is how they make sense of the world around them; allowing them opportunities to touch, see, explore and interact with both their surroundings and the people that they play with. With that in mind, we have deliberately curated a range of toys to help your children develop, through play, basic literacy and math skills, expand their imagination and enhance their creative problem solving skills. Make learning fun!



eeBoo specialises in original and well-crafted educational toys. The games are inspired from classic formats and reinvented for the modern day to encourage children to pick up literacy, basic math, imaginative play and story telling skills. Not only do the toys encourage learning, they are also made from recycled grey cardboard and printed with vegetable based ink. 

eeBoo Pretend Play Series

Our personal favourite for playtime is the Pretend Play series. It is great for kids who adore role-playing games! It allows them to use their imagination and creativity to pretend to be a waitress, or to be in school (especially for toddlers with older siblings in school)! This is great for children so eager to grow up and do what the grown-ups do! At the same time, it allows for fun interaction with parents or older siblings! 

eeBoo Musician & Artist Paper Doll Set
Other make-believe games include the Musician & Artist Paper Doll Set! Change the outfits of the characters with reusable stickers as many times as they want to find the perfect combination of clothes for their dolls.

eeBoo Good Citizenship Flash Cards

Our other favourites are flashcards from eeBoo, such as the Good Citizenship flash cards! These flashcards help with children's emotional development and were developed to help kids gain a better understanding of social situations. The Good Citizenship flash cards aims to educate your little ones about responsible community behaviour. 


Peaceable Kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island board game

Peaceable Kingdom provides a fresh spin on traditional board games. Instead of pitting children against each other, these board games encourage them to cooperate and work together in order to complete a common goal. Games like Gnomes At Night and Mermaid Island are thematic and narrative-based, filled with vibrant striking illustrations to keep your kids engaged and active in the game! The founders of the brand believe that kids who play well together play well in the world!

As your little ones work their way through the board games, they not only learn how to work together but they are also allowed the space and opportunity to develop other skills such as learning to strategise and plan ahead, speaking up and communicating effectively as well as building confidence in themselves.

Peaceable Kingdom Dinosaur Escape Board Game

A great example is Dinosaur Escape! Your little ones need to work together to save the dinosaurs from the erupting volcano. Flip the fern tokens over, match the same pieces together and save the dinosaurs. If your child has memorised where the dinosaurs are hidden, they will be able to help out others find the matching piece and win the game together!

Peaceable Kingdom Stack Up Game

For developing kids age 2 to 3 years, parents can look forward to games such as Acorn Soup and Stack Up. Teach your little one to count the ingredients as they prepare them for their soup, or help them improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they attempt to stack the blocks without toppling them over!



Reinventing traditional wooden toys to become new innovative ones that will bring lots of joy and withstand the test of time - that is Janod's motivation and specialty. Starting out with the sales of spinning tops and yo-yos, Janod have grown into producing puzzles, musical instruments and toy sets for imaginative play.

Toys and games produced by Janod aim to cater to the different ways that kids learn to ensure that their needs are met and that all of them have a chance to learn and develop their skills.

Janod Magneti'Book Moduloform Set

One example is the Magneti' Book series. We absolutely adore the Moduloform Magneti'Book! Your kids will have a blast using their creative juices to come up with their own shapes and patterns! Packaged in a book, it can also be a travelling toy so that your child can have fun on the go too.

Janod Musical Instruments Confetti Drum Confetti Ukulele Roller Xylo

Janod also has musical instruments such as the Confetti drum, ukulele and xylophone - designed to stimulate the sense of touch, hearing and sight. Why not add the element of make-believe play and have your little one prepare a concert just for you!


Tickle Your Senses

Great believers in creative learning, Tickle Your Senses is a Singaporean brand founded by two mothers focusing and specialising in sensory play. One of the founders started out creating playdough from scratch as she was not satisfied with the quality of those sold at big retail stores. Upon creating the perfect recipe, they have now decided to share the joy of sensory play with the rest of us!

From playdough to cutters and waterbeads, all products and kits sold are tested by children of the founders. This helps them to further refine their products and ensure that the products are good enough and enjoyable for other children.

Tickle Your Senses Chinese Character Stroke
Photo by Tickle Your Senses

One of their latest products is the Chinese Strokes Sensory Play Card. These cards introduce the basic strokes needed when writing Chinese characters. Each card contains a stroke for your little one to learn and master, as well as a Chinese character which uses said stroke as a form of context.

Kids are able to use anything they want with the card as long as it helps them learn - whiteboard marker, kinetic sand or even Tickle Your Senses' handcrafted playdough! 



Xyron Sticker Maker

Xyron focuses on streamlining the creative process and produces innovative products which kids from a young age can use easily. 

The sticker maker does not require any heat, battery or electricity is required for it to work! Children over 3 years will find it easy to use! Simply insert a small design on paper, pull the adhesive tape through, tear and peel the sticker right off. Isn't that easy? Your kids will be thrilled to find their little drawings turn into instant stickers!

See for yourselves! 


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