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Shopping for Shoes for Babies and Children

May 24, 2017

Shopping for Shoes for Babies and Children

In response to the many questions we get in-store from our customers at The Elly Store, we thought we'd share a mini series of blogs about:

  1. Different Stages of Walking
  2. Pre-Walking Shoes for Baby
  3. Shoes for your Toddler
  4. Different Shoes for Children

Common questions we get from our customers: 

  • My baby has just started crawling/walking. Which shoes should we get?
  • How do I buy the right shoes for my 2 year old?
  • Are these shoes suitable for my kid? Are they too hard/soft?
  • Are these shoes too tight/loose?
  • Should my child wear socks with his shoes?
  • I'd like to give a pair of shoes as a gift. How do I know what size to buy?

The truth is, every kid has different needs, is in a different stage of walking and has different shaped feet! 


The Elly Store Shoes

 All our little feet are wonderfully different!


In our four-part series about shoe-shopping for babies and children, we'll try to demystify all those questions in as practical and accessible as possible. Why shop with us? 

We have shoes for every occasion 

At The Elly Store, we carry clothes and shoes for children from the newborn baby to the young tweenager. Our range would include:

- Baby Soft-Soles/Pre-Walkers - Everyday Sandals / Beach Sandals - Dress Shoes
- Toddler Shoes - Sneakers - Girls/Boys School Shoes
- Machine Washable Shoes - Water-proof Shoes - Slip-in Shoes



We have a wide range of shoes to cater to many needs 


You can Shop with Confidence

Shop with confidence with our exchange policy. As long as the item you bought is non-sale and un-used, come back with your receipt within 14 days and we're happy to help you look for a suitable alternative.  If you bought a pair of shoes online in the wrong size, just bring them back to the store within 14 days of receipt! 

Store credit is kept for 3 months. Refunds only apply to defective goods. We issue gift receipts too, so gift-givers can rest assured that the receiver can come to the store to switch sizes!


PART 1 - Different Stages of Walking for Children

For newborn babies, we carry trumpettes, a line of baby socks with fun, unique designs that look like shoes on baby's feet. Our range fits babies from 0-12 months. Little rubber grips on the bottom give a little security from slipping as they move around.


Lots of fun designs for a stylish baby!



A truly exciting time, most babies take their first steps sometime between 9 and 12 months and will walk by the time they're 14 or 15 months old. Don't fret if your child takes a little longer, though. It is perfectly normal for children to start walking at 16 or 17 months. 

Here's what to look out for in each stage of walking: 


Stage 1 of Walking: Pre-walker 7-11 months

At this stage, we recommend good quality soft-leather shoes with great breathability.

Your little one will also start to crawl and backward crawl (which we find so adorable!), although a few might skip it altogether and move straight to walking!

Baby can stand while holding on to something. Soon, they'll be doing something commonly referred to as "cruising" – taking sliding steps whilst holding on to any available support. Our team loves playing peekaboo in the store with the babies whilst they do this!


Soft Sole Livie and Luca

Livie and Luca's Soft-Soles come in soft, buttery leather


 Stage 2 of Walking: Cruiser/First Walker/Toddler 11-15 months

This is the fun bit where we see them clutch onto our fingers and start going on little walks. Baby will start to stand for a couple of seconds unaided. They might be wobbly on their feet, so watch out for the sharp corners at home!

Your bundle of joy will experiment with pulling up to a standing-position with the aid of any sturdy object within reach. Our shelves and cupboards in The Elly Store are constantly being used by little hands to figure out how to do deep knee-bends in order to plop down to sit after standing tires the little ones.

Here, we recommend a shoe with great flexibility. We like to show customers in store, how our cruising shoes like the Old Soles Pave Denzel/Markert styles though sturdy in the sole, are easy to bend in half. We like to curate classic, quality styles that come with helpful features such as sturdy ankle support and easy to wear velcro straps like the beautifully crafted Old Soles Petals Shoe for girls that come in an array of colors.


We like recommending two pairs for two looks/functions - Open and Closed to rotate between! 

 The later part, we see them in Elly doing the arms outstretched "Frankenstein walk". They then become steady enough to stoop and stand. Push toys and roll-along toys are hugely popular with this age group in our store as they find their mobility. 


Stage 3 of Walking: Confident Walker/Runner/Jumper 16-24 months and up

It starts with these little indefatigable tiny ones learning about stair-climbing, one tentative step at a time. Which is why our colleagues yell out "Watch the Step!" about 100 times a day in the store! :)

Soon, we see parents running mad chasing their little ones down in the store as they become this ball of energy of running, jumping and climbing on anything they can reach.

At this stage, all kinds of foot-wear perform different functions. One of the most important being a reliable kindergarten shoe, such as Native slip-ons, that can dry quickly or are washable especially after water play in school. Or, the sturdy Pediped or Converse sneaker that withstands daily skate-scootering round our Cluny Court neighbourhood.

We also have customers coming to us in search of comfortable children's dress-shoe for events like weddings or birthday parties. Or a snazzy lightweight sandal for the princess that wants to match mummy's "little lady look"!

The Elly Store Shoes Kids Feet

Beautiful shoes from Tip Toey Joey now at The Elly Store!

(Photo credit: Tip Toey Joey)

Look out for Part 2 of our post where we introduce our range of soft soles and pre-walkers for your baby and also answer all those gifting questions you might have! We will also share what we think are good-fitting shoes for children in our store that leaves their feet comfortable, supported, but still with sufficient room to grow. Also, how long before they outgrow shoes and spotting the differences between quality shoes to buy and poorly constructed shoes to try and avoid.

If you have a question you'd like us to answer, send us an email at! 

In the meantime, do look out for shoes in our Sale section on our new online store for past season's styles.  Do note that sale items are non refundable or exchangeable! 

x, Stacy from the Elly team 

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