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Personalised Baby Gift Sets

August 30, 2017

Personalised Baby Gift Sets

Elly has always been known for a place to get great gifts and ever since we launched our online store, we have always sold gift sets online. In those days, we would put them in our hut box or our striped gift boxes, which were pretty but we always thought we wanted to offer something even more. So we started to think about what options we could offer. 

Carol and our team put their heads together for a few months to design our new personalised gift sets and we love how they turned out! Initially, we were hoping to launch them together with our new website in May but taking pictures, editing pictures and then uploading them onto our website took a lot of time in between running our stores. 

We have to look at each gift set individually when deciding what would go into each gift set.  Carol and her team would take out the nicest baby clothing (which invariably are also ones which photograph well, just because practically, dull colours or too much whites don't make for beautiful pictures), and Jellycats (also we try to avoid white stuffed toys), and all the books, shoes and Trumpette baby socks in the warehouse and put them all in one big pile. Then, they separated the clothing and toys into colours or themes before re-looking each gift set by budget and how well the items went with each other in terms of complementing each other or functionality.

People look for different things in gifts - if you're like me, I buy anything that looks pretty or quirky. It doesn't matter to me actually whether they can use it for long - I figure they could have siblings next time or pass on toys to another child. Other people may prefer to give something functional like books or shoes or something baby can use (instead of play with). Some people love buying clothing because baby can never have enough to wear (since babies might go through 3 or 4 "outfit changes" a day if they poop or puke or do stuff babies generally do when they're tiny). So many different things to consider! 


We consciously created over 20 different hampers for both boys and girls so there is something for everyone! We expect to keep refreshing our ready-made gift set options so over a six-month period if you have to buy baby presents regularly, there will be new combinations when you next return! 



What's special about these compared to other gift hampers in the market? 

In this day and age where everything is electronic and stored in laptops and hard drives, we seldom print photographs and write physical handwritten letters. We thought it would be a great idea for parents to be able to use the gift box to store important baby or childhood memories. Carol has kept Lil S and Lil E's precious mementos  such as her favourite baby onesie, their favourite blanket, our first Elly dress designed for Lil S and their baptism dress.

Parents can keep this special box for their little one to inherit later. You can include their favourite pacifier or blanket, or their first pair of shoes! Parents can give this box when their little one turns 18 or even give it as a wedding present!

Add Letters to My Baby inside and leave them notes for them to read as they grow up. This box will be a treasure trove for them to discover in years to come. xxx


How to purchase our ready-made keepsake boxes?

(i) Choose a ready-made gift set from either the Baby Girl or Baby Boy category to add to your cart. 

(ii) When you are at the checkout page, please specify the Baby's Name in the "Special Instructions" box. We will stamp baby's name on the side of the box. We can have a maximum of 9 alphabets or characters. If baby's name is short, we will add stars before and/or after baby's name. 

(iii) Add a Gift Message in the "Special Instructions" box as well and we'll add a personalised gift card inside the box. 

That's it! That's all you have to do! We'll do the rest! 

Take a look at some of the gift sets we've put together and find one you like! 

x, Audrey



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