April 24, 2013 1 min read

Every April for the past two years, we've been launching a Spring collection which is slightly different from our usual brightly coloured prints of whales and animals and trains and cars! This year, we've brought a fresh mix of turquoise, reds, greens and pastels in a light cotton! And we brought back a full range of Tinkerbell and Twinkle dresses. fabrics Tink Pink circles Tink Pink Circles 3

Tinkerbell in peach

(Also available in a Twinkle dress design and a matching Little Man Shirt design)

Tink Purple Flowers 3 (e)

Tink Purple Flowers 2

Tinkerbell in Pastel Flowers

(Available in a party frock design from May)

Tink Honeydew Crosses 3 Tink Honeydew Crosses 2

Tinkerbell in Honeydew Crosses

(Also available in a Twinkle dress design and a matching Little Man Shirt. Available as a party frock design from May)

T Raspberry Crosses 2 T Raspberry Crosses 3

Twinkle in Raspberry Crosses

(Matching Little Man Shirt available. Party frock design available from May) 

Tink Pink Roses 1

Twinkle in Pink Roses

T Green Flowers (e)

Twinkle in Lime Roses

T Raspberry Anchors

Twinkle in Purple Anchors


And this pastel pink fabric is the sweetest of them all - it's available as a Twinkle dress and a Tinkerbell dress. We didn't manage to get a photo of Lil S in the dress but trust me, you won't need a photo to convince you to buy it once you see it.

x, Audrey

P.S. As this is a fairly small collection, we won't be able to accept reservations other than from Elly Kid's Club members so do swing by this weekend!

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