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Looking for a birthday present - how about a Jellycat?

August 14, 2015

Looking for a birthday present - how about a Jellycat?

Sometimes I totally run out of ideas as to what educational and "useful" toys to get whenever I get invited to birthday parties of toddlers, especially the ones with older siblings of the same sex. You think - well, this child already has ALOT of clothes from her older sibling, possibly books too, and educational toys or learning games! Well, when I run out of ideas, I usually get a Jellycat stuffed toy. I know, I know, a total cop-out. Yes it does help that I own a children's clothing and toy store! But HEY, Jellycats are soft toys I would want for MYSELF!! Having done my fair share of shifts at our store, I have chatted with parents whose children own entire generations of Jellycat bunnies in every imaginable colour. So it's fair to assume a child can never have too many stuffed toys!!! (Heh.) Jellycat birthday
blossom bashful beige bunny medium L
Bashful Penguin Medium
Merryday Giraffe L
fw6pap- fuddlewuddle patch puppy medium
BIB4BR- Bibble Bear
Shiver Seal L
TTM3P- Tootle Tortoise Pink Medium_1
So, if you're looking for a birthday present, you can head to the store or check out our extensive range of Jellycats online! The pictures above just give you a TINY idea of what we stock. There are over 100 Jellycats hidden all over our store! We've got animals in all shades (literally, all shades such as blue or green bunnies, and sizes) monkeys, puppies, unicorns (ok technically not a real animal but still pretty), giraffes, whales and other sea creatures. AND if you can't attend a birthday party or if you're from overseas and you'd like to send a gift to a family in Singapore, all you have to do is: (1) select the courier option and (2) add on a gift box.  Our courier partners will deliver the present in one of our 3 Elly gift boxes! (My personal favourite for toys is the Elly cake box!) You can add as many different items as you like and we'll pack them all together for that special birthday child!
2 boxes
Big box
When we thought about why people came to Elly at Cluny Court to shop, one of the reasons was because they loved our packaging and they said they could head straight to a birthday party from our store! But weekends can be chock-a-block full of activities and we know Cluny Court might not be that convenient to make a stop at on weekends! That's why we've decided to offer gifting options online! So now, you can plan ahead during the week and select presents in the comfort of your bed, on your iPhone as you travel home every day, or at the office during lunchtime! Happy shopping!
x, Audrey

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