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Livie & Luca and their Joyful Foot Philosophy

Posted on May 05 2018

Livie and Luca Logo

Livie & Luca is a Californian kids shoe brand that started in 2005. They are known mostly for their whimsical and bold designs. Their latest collection is heavily inspired by both play and nature. 

The founders of Livie & Luca believe that kids shine most when they are out playing! That’s why their adorable shoes are suited for running around in. 

Livie and Luca Shoes - Molly Shoes Soft Pink, Tabby Sandals White

Molly Shoes in Soft Pink and Tabby Sandals in White 

Today, we give you another excuse to love their shoes: their Joyful Foot Philosophy. In other words, how Livie & Luca achieves healthy feet for your children! 


Livie & Luca Joyful foot philosophy

 (All photos in this blog post are from Livie & Luca.) 


Since kids are so active, they tend to perspire more than grown-ups. 

Keeping their feet nice and dry is key for their comfort. Livie & Luca shoes are: 

  • Fully lined with only genuine leather (no synthetic materials allowed);
  • Anti microbial; and 
  • Certified lead-free. 

Wiggle Room

Livie & Luca shoes have a rounded toe box shape, which means they do not press onto toenails or constrict growth. Their shoes also have adjustable foot and ankle straps so feet are not squashed sideways!  

Livie & Luca Rose Gold Pio Pio


Lightweight, Comfortable

Livie & Luca shoes: 

  • Are lightweight so little feet don’t drag; 
  • Have padded ankle collars to prevent blisters and provide cushioning; and
  • Have a good fit for comfort with adjustable velcro straps and hook and loop closures. Sandals are velcro-adjustable at the front of foot too!

Ruche Champagne shoes


Easy On, Easy Off

Fuss-free for both parents and children. Children can learn to put shoes on all on their own too! 

Carmen Sandal White

Carmen Sandals in White - easy to strap for kids! 


Flexible Soles

To allow a full range of foot motion, the soles of Livie & Luca shoes are bendable. The outsoles are made with durable rubber and have strong traction for good grip. 


Getting to know Livie and Luca’s different soles:

Livie & Luca has a range of staple soles of different length and fit – each shoe style is matched to a sole to maximize comfort for different stages of walking. We are impressed by their attention to detail! 

Livie & Luca shoes allow “up and down” and “side to side” flexing.

They state the importance of choosing the right density of their soles to achieve both sufficient support and flexibility. They then craft soles of different fit to create a match between feet shapes at specific stages of walking and what they believe is the best density.  

Widest, Most flexible (New walkers' favourite!)
Their feet haven't stretched out as much as their older friends yet, so a wider cut gives that roominess (Think: wiggle room).

Slightly sturdier but still flexible

  • Suitable for both new walkers and confident walkers
  • Usually paired with sandals - more all-round support is provided with a slightly sturdier sole

Less wide, a little stiffer at the heel

  • Preferred for confident walkers
  • Feet slim as they grow! These shoes go up to larger sizes

Because of this, we recommend even returning customers to give the size chart another quick check before deciding on a size to buy!

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Nova White Sandals

Nova Sandals make us feel all sparkly inside too! 

Come experience the magic of Livie & Luca shoes with us! Head on down to our store at Cluny Court or shop the Spring/Summer 2018 collection online now!

x, The Elly Team 

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