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Introducing a new kids shoe brand: Castell

July 23, 2018

Castell Shoes Singapore | The Elly Store

We are so excited to share that this year, a new kids shoe brand, Castell, has joined our collection!
Castell Shoes Singapore | The Elly Store
Here at The Elly Store, we believe in curating the best selection of products for you. Our customers love classic styles that can match any outfit, and for any occasion. When we came across Castell Avarca sandals,we just knew we had to bring it to you!
About Castell
Castell is a family firm founded by Quilio Castellback in 1985.
Whilst present day Avarca sandals you find in the shops are very chic and sometimes even glamorous with glitter and shine, did you know the Avarca sandals originated from Menorca, Spain as a humble piece of leather tied to the foot when farmers were looking for breathable footwearfor their arduous farming activities? Later, the farmers used worn-out car tires for the sole as it helped protect their feet. These sandals were soon adopted by the locals, becoming a symbol of the Mediterranean way of life.
Castell Girls Sandals Singapore | The Elly Store
Castell Girls Sandals Singapore | The Elly Store
Stylish and comfortable sandals for everyday use!
All Castell sandals are made with genuine leather and are crafted to perfection. Our team loves how fuss-free these sandals are - your child just has to slip them on and you’re good to go! We know how children can take ages to put on their shoes at the door! With these easy-to-wear slip-on sandals, getting your little girl dressed on weekends will be made simpler without compromising style! 
Some parents are worried about whether these sandals would slip out when walking due to its broad shape. We’ve tried these on and we’re glad to say that the sturdy heel strapdoes a great job at keeping feet in place!
If you prefer your child's sandals to be more secure, we also have sandals with an additional front closure strap!
Castell Girls Sandals Singapore | The Elly Store
Castell Girls Sandals | The Elly Store
We’re excited to share that for our launch, we have a special promotion on the Iker Sandals in Vaquero Silver! We've brought in sizes up to EU41 so mommies can twin with their little girls! That’s not all! For every mother-daughter purchase of Iker Sandals in Vaquero Silver,you will get to enjoy Elly’s special price as follows:
For daughters, sizes EU24 to EU34:S$59.00
For mummies, sizes EU35 to EU41: S$69.00
For online orders, simply key in " MUMANDDAUGHTER" at checkout to enjoy your discount!
*Limited to 2 pairs per customer: 1 for mummy, 1 for your little girl 
*Special price is only applicable when purchasing both mummy AND daughter sizes of Iker Sandals in Vaquero Silver. 
*Valid till 31 July 2018
Castell Shoes Singapore | The Elly Store
To put it simply, here’s why you should pick up a pair of Castell Sandals:
  1. Craftwork:Handcrafted using long-established Menorcan methods that have been passed down from generations.
  2. Quality:Thoughtfully put together using genuine high-quality leather to provide comfort and support.
  3. Origin:Designed to encapsulate the free-spirited Mediterranean way of life. 
Drop by our store at Cluny Court and try them out! Or simply shop online and have it delivered to you! We are happy to help if you have any queries, just give us a call at 6466 8781 or email us at

Till next time!

xx, The Elly Team

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