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Gifting with Elly - How To Personalise My Jellycat Bunny

April 14, 2020

Gifting with Elly - How To Personalise My Jellycat Bunny

Hello there!

You’re here because you are looking at how to personalise some Jellycat Bunnies on our website! It is really simple, so here’s a step-by-step guide on how to order a Personalised Bunny from us. If you are looking to personalise Jellycat Soothers or Jellycat Animals, We’ll leave the various links right at the end of this post, but the steps to cart them out are similar! Alright, here we go!


Step 1: Select a Bunny colour of your choice from HERE. We have over 20 colours to choose from!

Step 2: Select a Bunny size of your choice, pick a quantity, and add to cart!


Step 3: Add Personalisation Service for a Small, Medium or Large bunny HERE.

*Personalisation of the Huge and Really Big bunny is a separate service from Small, Medium and Large bunnies and can be found HERE

Step 4: Select a thread colour of your choice:


Step 5: Type the name that you would like to personalise on the bunny, in the text box and cart out!

Please take note of the maximum number of character for each bunny size. A space between letters is considered 1 character. Note that ALL names will be embroidered with the first letter in capital and the rest in small letters, eg. Sophie, instead of SOPHIE. 

Size of Bunny

Maximum number of letters:


6 characters


7 characters


8 characters


Step 6: At this step, you should have at least TWO items in your shopping cart!

I would like to cart out multiple Personalised Bunnies at one go! How do I do that?

For each bunny, you will have to repeat the same process from Step 1 to Step 5, and let us know which Bunny is for which Personalisation Service in the Order Notes, like this!

Step 7: Let's Wrap This Up!

If you would like to make this a gift, scroll to the bottom of the Shopping Cart Page and click ‘ Make This A Gift’! Remember to click ’Confirm Gift Wrap’ at the end of this, before you check out! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long will personalisation take?

Personalisation takes at least 3 working days, excluding shipping arrangements. This may increase during peak periods. If you need it urgently, please check with us before putting through your order. 


2. Can I get my Personalised Bunny within the same day if I head to your Flagship Store to purchase it?

Unfortunately not. It will still take at least 3 working days, whether you order from online or from the store. We do not embroider the bunnies in the store.


3. How many letters can we embroider on the bunnies? 

Size of Bunny

Maximum number of letters:


6 characters


7 characters


8 characters


4. Can I embroider a name that exceeds the number of letters recommended into my selected bunny size?

We highly discourage so. As the bunny ear lengths are fixed, we will have to squeeze the length of the name within the ear. We also have to take into consideration the length of certain alphabets which are wider than others, such as ‘M’, ‘D’, ‘G’, and so on. It will compromise the final look of the Personalisation. You can view our Facebook album for examples of the various names we've done HERE.


5. Can I embroider on a Jellycat Animal's ear or tummy?

No. Embroidery requires a flat, thin and large enough surface area. Hence, we are only able to personalise on selected Jellycats. Trust us, we have already inspected every Jellycat for the possibility! 

Our alternative to Personalisation on Jellycat Animals would be our Ribbon Personalisation Service, which you can have a look at HERE. You can also find our list of Personalisation Services for Soothers, Mermaid Tails and Bunny Bag Charms HERE.  


6. Does the personalisation include the Jellycat bunny?

No. You will have to purchase the small, medium or large Jellycat bunny from us as well. Add a bunny of your choice from HERE.


7. What colour thread works best for Blossom Bunnies?

Embroidery on the floral ears of a Blossom Bunny may not have the same effect as on a Bashful Bunny for light colours. We suggest you pick a strong contrasting colour. You can view our Facebook album of Bunny and Thread Colour Combinations HERE


8. What colour thread do you recommend for the embroidery to stand out?

We highly suggest picking dark & contrasting thread colours (eg. Navy, Burgundy, Fuchsia) against light-coloured Bunnies for the embroidery to stand out. You can also consider picking pastel (eg. Light Pink, Cornflower Blue, Silver) coloured threads for dark-coloured bunnies. You can view our Facebook album of Bunny and Thread Colour Combinations HERE


9. Can I send a pre-owned bunny bought from another store for personalisation?

This service is not sold on its own. We will only personalise bunnies that are newly purchased from our store. You can purchase the bunny from HERE


10. Will my bunny look like the other sample bunnies posted on social media accounts? 

The outcome of any embroidery work is subjective to the nature of the surface to be embroidered on and the combination of letters (or hyphen or space) that make that name. This may result in slight variations in the length and thickness of the overall embroidery. 


11. I would like a certain bunny colour or in a certain size, but it is not listed on your website. Can you order it? 

We carry almost all the available bunny colours and sizes that Jellycat has. If it is not listed on our website, chances are that Jellycat does not manufacture it in that size as of yet, or it is a retired design that Jellycat has stopped producing.


12. I would like to personalise a Jellycat Soother!

i. Cart out a Blanket Soother or an Animal Soother of your choice here.
ii. Cart out the Soother Personalisation Service right here.


13. I would like to personalise a Jellycat Animal with a Bow around its neck!

i. Cart out a Jellycat Animal of your choice here.
ii. Cart out the Ribbon Personalisation Service here.


We hope that this guide is helpful in helping you cart out your Personalised Bunny! If you have any questions that are not answered above, feel free to contact us on our social media pages! 

Facebook /theellystore , Instagram @theellystore

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