July 18, 2015 1 min read

PF wings 1 THIS picture. I love that Lil E is now big enough to run around to be the new in-house Elly model! I love that we can re-focus on pretty baby clothing all over again. (It's so much easier designing with a muse for inspiration!)  I love that it's actually MY JOB to find these gorgeous pastel fabrics and decide what we'd like to make. I know I'm biased but looking at these pictures makes me smile - she's growing so fast! We've launched this new Summer collection online so you don't have to make your way down to Cluny Court if you're already familiar with our sizes. If you are popping round to shop at Cluny Court, it'll be available in-store on Saturday 11th July 2015. x, Audrey PF shiny ribbons 2 T foxes 2 T Snails Large T wings 3 Tink blue flowers 2 Tink Rose Flowers 2 Tink Purple Flowers 3

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