December 01, 2015 1 min read

Our New Collection just made it in time for Christmas shopping and it's especially for children who love art and craft!  We were so thrilled to see this wonderful idea from Hayley Crouse to colour your own fabric!
At Elly, we're all about prints - we spend hours combing through catalogues and fabric shops looking for whimsical, pretty, unique and good quality fabric! So when we saw this, we fell in love with Hayley's idea!
Children get the opportunity to colour the fabrics just the way they want to! You know how boys' shirts are usually blue or grey! Well here's your chance to colour it whatever you want it to be! Choose from Space or Construction or a Christmas theme!
LMS construction 1
LMS space
Princesses can paint their own castle. And you don't have to paint everything! Just the bits you want coloured! Each piece would be one-of-a-kind!
PF princess L
PF ballerina LW christmas
And if you don't want to colour the fabric, these fabrics will look just as nice with or without colour! We think these make a very special Christmas gift! You can purchase Tulip fabric markers from Amazon or Crayola fabric markers from Abrakadoodle Art Studio at Cluny Court!
Read Hayley's blog post about the fabrics here (her children did such great job colouring)!
x, Audrey

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