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Want to know what goes on during a photoshoot? I brought along my zoom lens last Friday to take pictures of the photoshoot! We arrived early to set up a holding area just in front of the Asian Civilisation Museum for bags, drinks, and of course the clothes:

Our photographer started the morning by warming up with our first model, C. For the first couple of minutes, parents usually hang around close by:

We encourage parents to bring their child's favourite toys and treats. Here's C playing with his truck before we shot the campaign shot:

Here's A warming up with her two bunnies below. She had placed the bunnies at the lamp posts to her left and right so she was just having fun trying to climb this lamp post in this shot: Ireally love this thoughtful look on C's face - he had two seconds of "hm, should I or should I not" in his mind before he raced down the slope at breakneck speed. Wheee.... C spent some time in-between shoots surveying the scene and catching his breath after his numerous runs down the slope: Trying to shoot our brother-sister shot with our coy models wasn't so easy after all: Hm, what's that over there? Here's a shot of A, who was a real star that day, resting with mommy before her next shoot: A big thank you to the parents of A, C and N who were very supportive and enthusiastic despite the rather hot and humid weather! Can't wait to show you the photos! x, Audrey

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February 26, 2017

The clothes… the clothes! drool

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